Covid changes holiday celebration

How Roosevelt families holidays have changed because of COVID-19


Photo Credit Joshua Tracy

Senior Josh Tracy poses for a picture with his sister, Addison Tracy, while visiting his family near Pittsburgh.

Due to COVID-19 the holiday season has looked different for many families the past couple years, now with a vaccine and new variants of the virus the holidays are changing again.
“I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family who live just outside of Pittsburgh,” senior Josh Tracy said. “Usually, we spend every year there but we haven’t been able to see them in awhile because of Covid.”
While safe holiday celebrations are now cleared by the CDC, it is encouraged that celebrations stay safe with precautions such as being fully vaccinated and wearing masks. The CDC strongly encourages that everyone, vaccinated and not, wear masks to keep them safe during the holidays.
“Because many generations tend to gather to celebrate holidays, the best way to minimize COVID-19 risk and keep your family and friends safer is to get vaccinated if you’re eligible,” wrote.
Tracy’s family followed the precautions encouraged by the CDC while celebrating the holidays.
“Everyone who went was vaccinated and that made us much more comfortable with visiting,” Tracy said. “We also made sure to wear masks and not go anywhere that was crowded with people.”
Tracy is not the only one who’s holiday plans have been very different each year because of Covid.
“I usually spend Christmas down in Georgia with my family,” biology teacher Carrie Cole said. “Last year we went down for Christmas but we only saw our close family, who have all been vaccinated.”
While Cole went to Georgia to celebrate Christmas last year and recently visited to celebrate the entire holiday season during the week of Thanksgiving, her family will not be going again during December.
“This year we decided to stay home instead of going down south for Christmas because we will have a newborn and we are afraid of exposing her to Covid, especially with cases in Georgia rising,” Cole said.
Though Covid is still a concern for many families, taking precautions is allowing some to come together to experience celebrations similar to their pre-covid holiday season.
“We still had normal celebrations within the house where we played cards, talked, and watched Michigan destroy Ohio State,” Tracy said.
While many are returning to normal, a main concern is who to visit during the holiday while staying safe.
“We would usually see our close friends at Christmas time but since Covid cases are high we only saw immediate family,” Cole said.
Though this year will be filled with safety precautions, many agree that what matters most is spending time with family safely.
“It was very refreshing to see my family and spend time with them after not seeing them for so long,” Tracy said.