Wy-Hi; Wy-News; Wy-TV Oh My

Running a student-run publication at RHS is challenging; rewarding rolled into one


Bella Bitner

Senior Newspaper Copy Editor Emily MacIntyre counts money with senior Newspaper staff member Jake Conz after selling the Homecoming Issue of the Wy-News.

RHS has three student-run publications: the Wy-News, our school newspaper; Wy-Hi Yearbook; and the Wy-Tv News, our broadcasting network.
These publications are completely operated by student editors and their reporting staff. Media teacher Janet Haddad determines which students are qualified to become editors based on the amount of time they’ve been on the staff, the quality of their work, their work ethic, as well as their leadership skills.
Wy-Tv News is run by senior executive producer Jake Conz who has been an active publications student since his sophomore year. Conz started as a reporter on the yearbook and broadcasting staff, working his way up to become the yearbook photographer and the executive producer of Wy-Tv.
“I continually progressed to take on more and more work until I got to the point I’m at now,” Conz said. “I fell in love with the program when I started which is why I was so motivated to keep working.”
Although the title sounds fun, there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with it. Conz spends a significant amount of time outside of school focusing on broadcasting.
“I send emails to the RHS staff to alert them of new pieces; I spend time creating new projects, and I also work one on one with students to help them create their projects,” Conz said.
The Wy-Hi Yearbook is another publication run by RHS students, formatted similarly to the Wy-Tv News. However, the yearbook is run by a team of editors unlike the Wy-Tv News: senior Brooklyn Luscomb is the Editor-In-Chief and senior Bella Bitner as her second in charge, titled the Managing Editor. Along with those two, there are five other editors, composed of seniors and juniors, that focus on specific sections of the yearbook.
“As the Managing Editor, I’m in charge of correcting spreads, teaching new staff members, as well as editing copy and captions for the entire yearbook, which mostly consists of fixing grammar errors and rewording sentences,” Bitner said.
Luscomb has similar responsibilities as Bitner, however, Luscomb oversees all of the operations of book creation, including the color scheme, font styles and sizes, the amount of photos per spread, along with various other responsibilities.
“We have a great team this year, however many staff members are very new to the technology due to Covid keeping us out of the classroom for an extended period of time,” Luscomb said. “Despite these struggles, we’re confident that the book will still be great quality this year.”
The final student-run publication at RHS is the Wy-News, run by myself, senior Design Editor Grace Zalewski, and senior Copy Editor Emily MacIntyre.
“So this year we’ve kind of split the work into sections, I focus on correcting all of the designs before they go into the paper while Emily MacIntyre helps the Editor-In-Chief and Mrs. Haddad read and correct articles before they’re printed,” Zalewski said.
The Wy-News staff consists of fourteen people, only four of which have experience writing for the newspaper. This divide has presented challenges for the staff editors. They’ve noticed an increase in their workload due to the large amount of new staff.
“In the beginning of the year, we did the majority of the Homecoming issue ourselves, the newbies helped out with what they could, but it’s difficult because they were still in the learning process,” Zalewski said. “They’ve come a long way so far but there is still room for them to get to the point that we’re at. It all comes with time.”