Students, Teachers view Christmas differently


Christmas is viewed a little differently by students now versus how it was viewed from the staff when they were high school age.
“I usually shop mostly online,” senior Miah Dmytrusz said. “I will go to the store if there is something specific I need to buy but I really dont have the time to go shopping for everyone.”
Elissa Cumiskey, one of Roosevelt’s marketing teachers, has a different view on shopping. When she was in high school, technology was not as advanced as it is now.
“My family and I couldn’t just buy things online, we had to go shopping and look around stores and hope they had certain Items,” Cumiskey said. “If they didn’t have an item we wanted, we would have to keep shopping at other stores to find it.”
Shopping isn’t the only thing that has changed. Kids now can keep track of where Santa is on his journey. Santa tracking comes in the form of an app and a channel on TV that shows kids where Santa is moment-by-moment on Christmas eve. When teachers were younger technology did not allow this tracking so many families had their own stories, and parents could threaten kids all night that they might miss Sanata because they are up too late
“I used to look up at the sky for Santa and now my kids just look at their phones,” Cumiskey said.
Santa tracking also has fun games for kids to play before Christmas eve to get everyone into the Christmas spirit.
“When I was little there was this app on my tv that me and my siblings would play on,” senior Kailyn Franz said. “We could track Santa, play games, or we could listen to some Christmas music. I just remember it getting me and my siblings more excited for christmas.”
While being in high school you’re transitioning to the age where Christmas will change from being a little kid to being an adult, these Christmas memories that you have in high school is something students need to hold onto.
“I value these moments because they do not last as a kid,” Dmytrusz said. “Every moment is valuable and as a senior in high school I’m trying to hold onto the spirit.”
The one thing that is a lot alike is the tradition of putting cookies out, going to bed early so when kids wake up with gifts under the tree
“I always tried to go to bed early so Santa wouldn’t skip over my house,” Cumiskey said. “I always put out cookies and milk and when I would wake up I remember the cookies had a bite taken out of them.”
Christmas eve is very comparable for students now and teachers when they were that age. Putting out cookies, going to bed early, and hoping to wake up in the morning with gifts from Santa under the tree.
“I would always set out the cookies and milk and then track santa on my tv to see if i needed to go to bed yet,” Dmytrusz said. “My mom would always tell me wherever he was, was super close so she could get me to bed earlier.”
Christmas has changed but not really at the same time, Cumiskey viewed Christmas almost the same way as Dmytrusz as a holiday, but since technology has advanced so much, some things like shopping and tracking Santa have changed, which are two big differences.
“I now shop online and my kids track Santa on a phone, so I see differences between when I was a kid,” Cumiskey said.