Boys Varsity Basketball looking towards strong season

The Boys Varsity Basketball teams’ goals this season are to win regionals and go farther than they have before.
“My favorite part of basketball,” senior varsity player DaLonte Wyatt said, “Is the relationships I have built with people, and my teammates throughout the years.”
The varsity coaches this year are Coach Ron Adkins and Assistant Coach Jason Tarrence.
“I have been on varsity all four years of high school,” Wyatt said. “It’s a great way to learn teamwork and life skills.”
One of the team’s biggest competitors this season is Woodhaven.
“My main focus this year is being a team leader, captain, setting the tone for the younger kids coming in,” Wyatt said. “And maybe even breaking some records for the school.”
With Covid in full swing last year, the boys could still play but it was a different experience with the mask mandate and being close contact/quarantined.
“It was a really weird year,” Wyatt said. “We didn’t have as good of a season as we could have.”
The team only has a few seniors and a majority of underclassmen playing this season.
“This is my first year on varsity,” junior varsity player Landen Munroe said. “I’m excited to create a good bond with the team.”
The team is planning on starting this season off strong and having a positive mindset.
“We are going to stay close and connected,” Munroe said. “Don’t have any problems with anyone, and see how far we can go.”
Even though the team still has a mask mandate, and a large group of underclassmen this season, they are planning to dominate the competition.
“If we work hard and stick together,” Wyatt said. “We can accomplish great things.”