The administrative process after school shooting threats are made


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The pamphlet for OK2Say, a tipline for students to let others know if there is a problem.

The first step to stopping a school shooting is to report it, a student’s job is to report it, they should not assess whether they think it is credible or not.
When at school, the proper response is to report threats to a teacher, social worker, or a trusted adult.
“The most important thing is to report it, an administrator would be good but anyone, whoever you feel comfortable with, whether it be a social worker, teacher, just get it reported,” Assistant Principal Patrick Hickey said.
When at home and a student sees a threat, they shouldn’t worry whether it’s credible or not, take a screenshot and send it to the admin as soon as possible. Another way to report a threat is to send a tip to OK2Say, a hotline that anyone can send a tip about a school threat, suicide threat, bullying, and drugs.
“It’s OK2Say, it’s available for you, for all school districts, here in Michigan, it might be federal, but it’s a way to submit tips to school districts,” Assistant Principal Lisa Wojtowicz
Once administration is alerted of the threat, they will make sure all the staff and students will be safe first thing first, they will then alert the police and shut down the school if the threat is proven credible.
According to Hickey and Wojtowicz, the police will then help the school to figure out who made the threat against the school and try to find who did it; is it credible; and then to apprehend the suspect.The police will take action according to the type of threat, if proven credible they will increase police presence and increase security.
The punishment behind a threat against a school, according to Michigan Legislature section 750.235bV, is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for around one year or a fine of not more than $1,000.00, or both.
With an informed body of students, staff, and others being able to report possible threats will prevent future shootings like the incident that unfolded at Oxford High School on November 30th. The OK2Say program is one of the many ways that students or staff can find information out there that can save many lives if the threat happens to be a true, credible threat.