RHS senior receives opportunity to design gear for professional wrestlers


Kassidy's Twitter

Independent wrestler Kayla Kassidy wears apparel designed by senior Dominic Barrett in a promotional photoshoot. Kassidy posted this photo on social media giving Barrett credit for the design.

RHS senior Dominic Barrett received an opportunity to showcase his fashion design skills after an independent wrestler noticed his work through Twitter and messaged him to design her next gear.
“I grew up watching WWE and I’ve been drawing since I was a kid; I would always watch WWE and draw the gear that wrestlers wore or draw gear that I thought would look good on them,” D. Barrett said. “One day I posted a drawing and it got some attention and that’s kind of how it all started.”
D. Barrett was introduced to WWE as a child through his father and has kept up with the wrestlers since, through the WWE television network and social media. He has also had a passion for drawing since childhood and D. Barrett started drawing wrestlers around the age of thirteen.
“He would always make these designs with colored pencils and paper and we noticed that he was pretty talented at it so we eventually got him an iPad with an Apple Pen so he could design that way,” D. Barrett’s mother Christina Barrett said.
December of 2020 is when D. Barrett became more active on Twitter and started posting designs he made of gear for wrestlers. This quickly caught attention from the wrestling community which is when his platform began to develop, and he got in contact with independent wrestler Kayla Kassidy.
“I’m currently working on a piece for an independent wrestler. I got to know her through another wrestler I designed gear for and this is the second piece that I’m designing for Kassidy,” D. Barrett said.
Prior to Kassidy, a WWE wrestler noticed D. Barrett’s designs on Twitter and had the gear made, this wrestler being Priscila Kelly. Kassidy noticed Barrett’s design skills after Kelly posted a photo on Twitter of her wearing the gear Barrett designed. As his Twitter platform grew, he was able to interact with WWE wrestlers and develop an online friendship with them. The wrestler D. Barrett was most drawn to is Saraya-Jade Bevis, also known by her stage name, Paige. While D. Barrett has yet to design gear for Bevis, he’s stated that their friendship is definitely the strongest out of his relationships with the wrestlers.
“I didn’t have as much interaction with the other wrestlers whose gear I designed because they didn’t approach me for it like she did,” D. Barrett said. “I got bored one day and made some designs of the wrestlers in the gear and posted it, they saw it and interacted with the post and then had the gear made.”
D. Barrett states that his part of the design process only takes about two or three hours. He typically plans the design as he draws it as well as including specific qualifications a wrestler may ask him for. For example, Kassidy requested that he included chains and a specific color scheme on her gear so he kept that in mind throughout the design process.
“She messaged me with the request and I had it done within a few days, a few weeks later she messaged to have the colors changed which was a really quick and easy switch and I believe it took about three months for the gear to be completely made,” D. Barrett said.
D. Barrett’s first interaction with Kassidy was pretty early in his design career so the only form of payment he requested was recognition.
“She offered to pay me but I declined because I was still pretty new at that point. I want to have more experience and have more wrestlers using my designs before I start charging”, D. Barrett said. “I was given recognition by her posting the gear on her after it was made, she gave me credits in the caption of that post.”
Kassidy posted a statement on Twitter thanking D. Barrett for the design which was followed by an image of the gear as well as photos from a promotional photoshoot of herself wearing the gear. D. Barrett asked that his social media accounts are not stated in this article.
“Gear is complete…Thank you [D. Barrett’s Twitter username] for designing this gear, can’t wait to debut this,” Kassidy said in a Twitter post.
D. Barrett states that he is extremely grateful for the career experience and opportunities he’s received through his social media platforms and that he plans on continuing his work for wrestlers.
“This is something I hope to continue with as I get older, I’m not really set on a career but I love working with the wrestling community and I think that it’s really cool to be able to say that a professional wrestler is wearing my design,” D. Barrett said.