From the editor

With the start of a new year, our staff decided that we wanted to release a theme issue. However, we wanted to avoid the basic new year theme because that’s been done so many times before. So, we brainstormed for a while and came up with the idea to create an issue that highlights the talent here at RHS. We’re calling it the People edition.
All of the individuals mentioned in this edition are RHS students and staff members who have dedicated their time and effort to something they’re passionate about. All of these people exemplify drive and devotion, which are considered important character traits to acquire. These individuals have dedicated hours upon hours perfecting their craft and have made achievements through it. We cover many different talents in this issue from book publishing to powerlifting champions.
In this edition, you can expect to read about two student entrepreneurs, multiple student leaders, our exchange students, a student who has designed gear for professional wrestlers, teachers who have continued their athletic careers beyond high school, several students who have excelled athletically, a teacher who wrote a book, and more. We’ve ensured that there is a broad range as well as a significant difference in each talent so there is something for everyone in this edition. If none of that interests you, we’ve designed a crossword relating to the RHS staff as well as a horoscope reading for this month.
According to the New York Times in an article titled “Why Following Your Passions Is Good for You (and How to Get Started)”, having a hobby or any kind of interest is an extremely beneficial way to release stress in your life whether you turn the interest into a career or if it is just something you enjoy doing. It’s also proven to improve your mental health as it gives you something to look forward to each day. The article goes on to state that pursuing your passion can give you a renewed sense of meaning and accomplishment.
Furthermore, your passions can also help you get a job. states that a common interview question is “What are you passionate about?”. This is because interviewers want to ensure that their team is working as efficiently as possible, knowing what inspires their interviewees is a helpful way to understand what they’re motivated by if hired and if their passions may be helpful to the business in any way.
We want this issue to inspire everyone at RHS by showing that it is possible for anyone to become successful with drive and devotion. These traits will carry with you through whatever skill you’re passionate about, past high school; talent is not born it is made. Just because the “new year” season is over does not mean that it is too late to find a hobby, skill, sport, or any other interest that you’re passionate about and devote your time and effort to becoming good at it. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed writing it.