Busy sophomore Ania Toboy on the move


Sophomore Ania Toboy running her 100 meter run for track in the spring.

Ania Toboy, who is a sophomore here at RHS is a performer, dancer, student and a full time athlete.
“I am in five sports which are swimming, basketball, softball, track and field, and rowing,” Toboy said.
A normal weekday for Ania would include starting the morning off early with some exercise and ending the night with school work.
“I usually get up about 5 am and go to the gym around 5:30-6:30 am, I then go home and get ready for school,” Toboy said. “After school I usually go to whatever practice or practices I have that day and then I go home and do school work.”
Toboy has shown already that she is a great athlete and dedicated person, many people believe so.
“She’s a great person,” rowing coach Nora Fillie said. “She’s hardworking and determined about how she is as a rower. I really love having her on the team.”
Words from a long time childhood friend would tell you some of the many good traits Toboy has as a person.
“I think that Ania is a very confident person,” sophomore Megan Powell said. “She is also really open minded.”
Being someone who does multiple sports and activities Toboy has one that she feels she really shines in.
“Each sport has its own success and rewards,” Toboy said. “If I had to choose I would say I have the most success in swimming because I have broken records at the middle school and high school.”
Staying busy is something that runs in the Toboy family, she also highly appreciates her downtime and does not take it for granted.
“I like staying busy and being on my feet,” Toboy said. “My mom has always been that way as well, but my dad is a little of both.”
Toboy’s coaches love having her around, she does not let any sport distract her from what she has to do at the moment.
“We have had to work around her schedule with other meets and practices,” Fillie said. “Other than that she is a great rower and doesn’t get distracted.”
Toboy is also still able to manage and maintain some of her closest friendships. One of those being with Powell, who she enjoys spending as much time as she can with.
“I like to go over Megs (Megan) house and have a sleepover with her also during the weekend and just hangout,” Toboy said.
Toboy shared what she thinks a true athlete should feel and look like, even with just one sport.
“To me a true athlete is someone who is dedicated to their sport,“ Toboy said. “They are also putting in the work to better themselves and their team.”
Even though Ania has her days where she just chills out at home or with friends she still struggles to make sure she’s getting that right balance of sleep.
“A weakness that I have is actually getting the right amount of sleep,” Toboy said. “I don’t give my body the proper amount of rest that it truly needs.”
School is still an important part of Toboy’s life so she still makes it a priority to get things done even if she has to stay up late.
“In school, I try to get as much done as possible throughout the day,” Toboy said. “If I do have some leftover work I usually do it after everything which is about 8 pm.”
As much as Ania participates in Wyandotte sports she is also really big on doing activities locally in Wyandotte.
“I’m involved in Polish dance at PRCUA in Wyandotte and once a year I sing at Comerica park for polish night at the Tigers game,” Toboy said. “I’m also part of the Young Ladies Sodality of Our Lady of the Scapular in Wyandotte.
The growth that Ania has experienced is something that she is really proud of and she hopes will only get better.
“I believe physically and mentally I have grown so much within these past two years,” Toboy said. I want to continue down that path everyday and get closer to my goals.”