Your February Horoscope Readings

Your February Horoscope Readings

Jake Conz, Horoscope master and reporter

Aquarius: This month for you is about breaking free from restraints that your past might hold on you. You need to keep moving forward as the world is your oyster and there is so much to do within it. You will be thinking clearly and successfully in navigating through issues this month.

Pisces: This is your month to feel like your bold self. It is also time to find whatever keeps you centered and hold onto that. This month can be about breaking through your barriers that hold you back and coming up with a new destiny on life. Reach out to your friends, family or loved ones as this is your time to reconnect.

Aries: It is time to put yourself FIRST. Take the time to do self care this month and reconnect with your inner peace. Take some time to step back and strategize on your future. So that from here on out you can see more clearly. By the end of the month you are set for success. You will have so many opportunities so take them.

Taurus: Your life will be very chaotic and crazy this month but that doesn’t mean you can have fun. Throughout all the struggles you are going to encounter you need to remember that life is what you make of it and you need to make the most of it. No one can live your life for you.

Gemini: It is time to do what makes you happy. You have been trying to please others for too long and that can be draining. This is your month to embrace the dreams you have always had whether that be anyway you need. You have been feeling blocked for some time but it is time for you to break free, like Ariana Grande.

Cancer: My siblings, This month is about setting boundaries and finding a new plan. Be ready to give any new ideas that come your way a thought this month as they will be beneficial to you. By the end of the month you should be able to reach a favorable agreement and cement important decisions. The most important thing is to not stress.

Leo: This month is about being honest with the ones you love and around you. You tend to offer a lot of help to the ones you love, but let them make their own decisions so that they can enjoy their life. After setting yourself free you will have so many enlightening conversations and doors that will open. It is all about precision and timing.

Virgo: Do not let yourself be put down by the behaviors of others. Be ready to devote more attention to friends and partners during this month. You will find a new perspective of life and your plans once you have a clear mind. Feel yourself in all your glory. You give too much of your energy to others.

Libra: Love is in the air for you this Valentine’s day. Embrace this holiday with an open mind and earth and all the love in the world will be coming your way. Keep your space organized and tidy so that you can have an open mind about all the things the world has to offer. Explore new lifestyles and make this month about you.

Scorpio: Give the ones around you the space they need this month. You will be entering a more social phase this month and you will be breaking through new barriers. Connect with the one person that means the most to you this month so that you can form a more meaningful connection.

Sagittarius: Do not let fear hold you back. Take the time this month to figure out what works best for you. If that means having to remove relationships with people that is okay. You cannot just settle anyone. Stepping away from your fear will allow you to evolve and grow. Don’t be scared to open your heart again.

Capricorn: Your possibilities in life are endless. You are finding that you and your OG crew are having some good times. This month people are more drawn to you. This month you will have some last minute fun with some friends and you are going to be evolving as a person. You are a signing light for all.