Wait What?

RHS has some interesting people


Ryan Mehl works on bikes and does metal shop at his house.
Weston Bridges hustles at bars playing pool AND he scuba dives.
Hudson Hill was an all American diver as a freshman.
Tim Korzeniewski does BMX during the week if weather permits.
Harmony Bedikian can fold her tongue into a hamburger without touching it.
Roosevelt has 19 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets in our school currently – 2 sets are seniors, 5 are juniors, 3 are sophomores, and 9 are freshmen. The Cost triplets are juniors.
Roosevelt has had 8 principals in the 99 years of the school – Lorraine F/ Hire 1920-1929, CJ Whitney 1929-1962, Thomas Greig 1963-2974, Edmund Hebda 1974-1994, Mary McFarland 1994-2011, Patrick Hickey 2011-2012, Thomas Kell 2012 – 2020, Benjamin Reynolds 2020-present.
Roosevelt students in the 1960s could join the rifle club which practiced in the Roosevelt basement which had a gun range.
Students have been reporting for the Wy-News since 1922.
Mrs. Lomas was Miss Michigan in 1994.
Mr. Baker and Mrs. Robb were hired at RHS in 1992 making them the longest hired teachers followed by Mrs. Secco.
Mr. Keast was a journalist in Chicago before he began teaching.
Mr. Ballelli began teaching in Arizona for two years before coming to Michigan.
Mrs. Rooney was a certified athletic trainer between 1998 and 2002 before becoming a teacher. She also was training to be a bodybuilder before having her children.