States may come again for motivated wrestlers

The wrestling season kicked off in December, the team has been undefeated so far but they have a long way to go if they want to qualify for states.
“Our main goal as a team this season is to make it back to states,” senior wrestler Xavier Byrne said. “This would be our second year in a row qualifying.”
Just because the team has been undefeated in the league duals doesn’t mean they have won everything so far. The league duals isn’t the only thing that the wrestlers have competed in throughout the season.
“We are undefeated in the league duals so far,” assistant coach Carpenter said. “We suffered a couple losses in our first team tournament earlier in the year.”
There are three coaches this year, head coach Brett Greene and assistant coaches Jason Carpenter and Chris Puckett. The coaches believe that this team can do great things this season.
“Our coaching staff feels pretty good about this season,” Carpenter said.
The wrestlers have to be fully committed to the team due to the very strict schedule of hard work, practice, and wrestling meets which totals to six days a week.
“We practice every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday,” Carpenter said. “The practices are usually between 3:15 and 5:15 and we also wrestle on Wednesdays and Saturdays.”
Some of the wrestlers on the team are more qualified than others, when they see teammates in need of help with certain skills, most of the team with that skill will jump right in and help teach them what they need to perform the skill.
“I feel that I am a helpful asset to the team,” sophomore wrestler Max Biundo said. “I help my teammates learn new moves when they need help.”
Most of the wrestlers are great assets to the team; even though some are better than others they all put in their time and effort.
“We have a few wrestlers like Max Biundo, Lu Peterson, Christain Bryne, and also me that may be the better wrestlers than others but most of the kids on the team can also fit the description of being the best,” Bryne said.
There is a long road ahead to qualifying for states but so far they have succeeded in many different ways.
“We are undefeated in our league tournaments so far, we won the Wayne County Tournament for the first time in team history,” Carpenter said. “We also won our Wyandotte Invitational tournament.”
There are specific tournaments the team has to win if they want to qualify for states, they are working hard to make sure they win as many of the league tournaments they can.
“To make it to states we simply just need to win the matches we are supposed to,” Biundo said.
The team has had many successes but they have worked hard for them. They work every day and practice in many different locations so they can keep the strength that they will need for the rest of the season.
“Our team is working hard daily on the indoor track, center staircase, weight room, and upstairs in the old gym,” Carpenter said., “Where we hold practices daily.”
Working hard and never giving up is something that the team needs to get used to if they want to make it all the way to states. According to Xavier Byrne, some athletes don’t have a winning mindset while others’ minds are only focused on winning.
“I am trying my best to keep a good mindset throughout the season,” Bryne said. “ I feel that some kids on the team will do better if they show up every day and work for what they want.”
Absent wrestlers on the team this season have been happening more than the athletes and coaches would want but the team is still succeeding with or without them.
“I feel like we are doing great,” Biundo said. “We are beating good teams while having people on our team missing.”
Even though the team is said to be good this year there is still a lot of hard work and time they need to put in before they just assume they will qualify for states.
“We have a really good team this year,” Carpenter said. “But we are in a very difficult district and region. The team needs to work hard and get better daily.”
The coaches have been working hard together by helping these young minds get prepared for the long season of hard work and dedication these athletes have going forward through the season.
“Overall, we have a young talented team. Us as coaches are really working hard on getting the wrestlers to focus on the small details like showing up every day, being consistent with their energy and enthusiasm,” Carpenter said. “Also keeping their teammates in mind while making decisions.”