Board of Education updates Covid Protocols


The band class pulls their masks up between breaks of playing in order to stop the spread of COVID.

A letter from the Board of Education was sent home to Wyandotte Public School’s families regarding COVID updates and new quarantine guidelines on January 2, 2022.
According to the letter, the goal is to keep schools open and reduce the disruptions to in-person learning.
“I think all of our schools should stay open, closing schools is not really good for anybody. I had to learn virtually last year and I did not learn a single thing,” senior Spencer Clark said.
In order to keep schools open, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services wrote a joint letter with the State Superintendent that suggested universal masking indoors, which Roosevelt will continue to do.
“I hope school stays open because it is my senior year, and I really want to experience my full second semester,” senior Sam King said.
Additionally, each school upgraded filtration and increased cleaning and disinfection protocols since the pandemic. Pertaining to group activities, assemblies, dances, and performances are on hold for the time being. The athletic department is not changing any guidance at this time.
“I think the kids will miss things like the Christmas assembly and all of that kind of stuff. I mean, I think overall, being in school is more important than any of those things,” math teacher Filipiak said.
As of Tuesday, January 11, the CDC proposed a five-day quarantine for those that test positive with no symptoms on the sixth day. If symptoms still occur, it is recommended to isolate them until they are eliminated.
“I think Coronavirus for Roosevelt High School is a temporary thing, but the experiences that we have here are going to last forever. I just don’t think we should be afraid,” Clark said.
Students and staff that have been closely contacted by Covid will no longer have to quarantine unless they test positive. This update guides students to remain in school and attend events that still occur.
“I think it is going to end up being just like the flu. It is just going to be something we are going to have to live with and work our way through. You can not just keep living in fear of something,” Filipiak said.
The Omicron variant has recently touched many families and caused the attendance at Roosevelt to decrease. From Friday, January 7 to Monday, January 10, there have been 4,000 new Covid cases, 259 more deaths, and a growing rate of 30 percent in Michigan, according to Fox News.
“I feel like the new variant will make younger kids confused going forward. A lot of things are going to change in the next couple of years, just because of Covid in general,” King said.
The letter asks that parents continue to contact their child’s school if their student tests positive. WPS will continue to monitor the staffing situation as well as attendance rates.