Wyandotte Cable rebrands to Wyandotte Connex


Wyandotte Connex

The new logo for Wyandotte Connex featuring their slogan “Connecting the Dotte”.

In light of their new offer of fiber optic internet, Wyandotte Cable has rebranded themselves as Wyandotte Connex.
For years, Wyandotte Cable has been an affordable source of internet for Wyandotte residents, offering cheaper internet than the competitors for similar services such as Verizon and AT&T.
“The term cable has become old-school,” studio programming director Amy Cannatella said. ”With the advancements in technology bringing fiber optic technology into your home with hyper fast internet speeds and digital streaming video, we found it only appropriate to rebrand to a more suitable identification to our business that is no longer just cable TV.”
Fiber optic is a form of internet that uses light energy to relay information as opposed to the conventional coaxial internet found in most homes and businesses.
“Coaxial Cable carries and delivers an electric RF (radio frequency) signal which is still very good but fiber, which carries light energy, can carry much more information, much faster and is considered the future proof technology for all your internet, video, phone and data needs,” Cannatella said.
While rare, some internet providers are able to get up to 1,000 mbs (megabytes per second) on conventional internet, with fiber optic internet, Wyandotte Connex aims to provide up to three gbs (gigabytes per second) which is three times the speed of the best conventional internet.
“This is considered ‘future proof’ technology for all your internet, video, phone, and data needs,” Cannatella said.
However, fiber optic cable isn’t the only thing new coming with the rebranding. Wyandotte Connex is also launching its own streaming platform to replace its cable TV service called ‘DotteTV’. This will still have all of the same channels but on a streaming platform. This will be available later this year along with the fiber optic internet.
The current price for fiber optic internet, called “expanded fiber optimum 100”, will cost approximately two hundred dollars per month not including the set up cost and is currently only available for businesses. However this is a small price to pay for Ron Thomas, the owner of the office spaces downtown.
“Anything that results in a faster or more consistent internet can help my clients.” Thomas said.