New players, new rules, new NFL


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Tom Brady(44), the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, gets ready to play an offensive drive against the opposing team.

As one era ends a new one begins, this new beginning starts with a single rule. The coin toss in overtime.
The original rule of overtime was created in 1974 to resolve a large number of ties during that season. Now, because the Kansas City Chiefs want to change the rule in the interest of fairness, the NFL is considering changing the rules to allow both teams to possess the ball in overtime regardless of the coin flip winner.
The rules that are being proposed to the NFL are that not only will both teams get to possess the ball but the team that wins the coin toss for the kickoff will be the team that starts with possession in overtime.
“First let me say that’s a great idea,” freshman Lonnie Cheresko said. “I think there won’t be too much luck involved if they change it, the games may be longer but I like the idea.”
Some people think that this is a great idea because of too much reliance on a coin toss for someone’s chance to get in the playoffs, while others believe that the rules should stay the same because there is nothing wrong with them and they keep the game interesting and fresh.
“The rule change they want is stupid,” freshman Matthew Caudill said. “They should just leave it alone and let it continue as it was.”
While there is some difference in opinion, according to the NFL, 90.9 percent of the coin flip winners in the playoffs win the game in overtime after winning the coin toss. The Chiefs head coach Andy Reid even sided with the Buffalo Bills, after beating them in overtime, saying that he wouldn’t be opposed to the new overtime rule.
Rules being changed is not the only major thing happening in the 2022 season, as one of the most recognized and rewarded quarterbacks of all time has confirmed his retirement in an Instagram post. With 243 wins in his career that lasted 22 years and seven Super Bowl wins under his belt and several passing records, Tom Brady was one of the statistically best QBs in the NFL. Brady claims that he isn’t leaving his current team the Buccaneers because of injury, he tore his MCL in his left knee last offseason or age, he is currently 44 years old.
According to ESPN, Brady is retiring mainly due to trying to spend more time with his wife, Gisele Bündchen, and their three children. According to the same source, Brady is trying to help out with his family more so his wife can take more business opportunities as she has missed several in the past to take care of their children and allow Brady to continue his passion. Brady has also commented on wanting to spend as much time as possible with his 14-year-old son, Jack. He talked about how he loves football and it was a difficult choice to make, but he is getting older and doesn’t want to miss out on other aspects of his life.
“It’s gonna be really interesting to see what the game is gonna be like without Brady,” senior Joe Valentine said.
During his 22 years in the NFL, Brady’s all-time record is 243-73-0, he also completed 7,263 passes out of 11,317 passes. Brady had amassed overall passing yards of 84,520 yards. He has set numerous records with his team and as an individual.
While it seems as if an era of football is ending, a new one is beginning. With new rules, new prospects, and new up-and-coming football legends lots of fans are excited about a new season beginning.