Chart reaching movies of 2021-2022

New Spider-Man and Scream movies make the charts for high-grossing movies of 2021-2022


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To promote the new and upcoming movie a large feature sign was put up for pedestrians to view.

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Making its debut to theaters around the globe in December 2021, director Jon Watts’s movie Spider-Man No Way Home, the sequel to Spider-Man three, was nominated for two major awards.
Recently in the new year, the movie was nominated for an Academy Award for best visual effects.
As stated in a press release from Entertainment Weekly, the film gained more than $1.7 billion in sales worldwide, which makes it the biggest box office hit since the start of the pandemic. Which fans are hoping will turn into a winning award at the 94th Oscars in March 2022.
The film also received a nomination for the Costume Designers Guild Award, for Excellence in Fantasy Costume Design for Film. No Way Home was nominated for that award among six other popular films such as The Greene Knight, and Suicide Squad.
Not only was the film nominated for multiple awards it also swung its way up the charts to the fourth highest-grossing movie in history.
On IMDb’s (International Movie Database) website, the movie is stated to have made $753,700,817 in sales since its release. No way home sits on the podium among many other popular films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Avengers End Game.
Adding to the list of successes for Spider-Man, after ten days of being in theatres the film broke the one million dollar record in the box office.
In an article written for, as of December 26, 2021, Spider-Man No Way Home has officially become the first movie to bring in more than $1 billion that year. The last movie that was able to do so was Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker which came out in 2019.
This movie adds just another favorable outcome for the three-time Oscar-winning Marvel City Universe.

After the spine-chilling film produced by Paramount Pictures made its way to the box office it became the fifth highest-grossing movie of 2022.
According to for Scream, the total from box office sales added up to $122,551,632, making its way to fifth place of the chart.
In the first weekend of its premiere, the movie made approximately $30.6 million throughout North America, as stated by CNN Business News.
Although the movie did not break any records and isn’t currently nominated for any awards, it did manage to take Spider-Man’s spot as the number one top box office draw, according to the same source.
What some fans may not be aware of is this the fact that is the first Scream to be produced since the filmmaker Wes Carven passed away in 2015.
A news website stated the film is managed by the Radio Silence team which includes Chad Villella, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, and Tyler Gillett, who are the producers and directors for the group.
The team was also in control of the horror movie from 2019 by the name Ready or Not.
Many may be confused as to why the film is called Scream and not Scream 5. wrote because the film is ‘brand-new’ and a new version of the story and seeing the number five after the name isn’t appealing.
Not only did the film bring in the big bucks and great reviews, the R-rated film has also received a rating of 76 percent on the Rotten Tomatoes website.