Girls varsity bowling wins Wayne County Tournament


Dezeray Meyers

Senior Laticia Martinez bowls at Woodhaven lanes to practice for the upcoming tournament. Her highest game at the Wayne County Tournament was game 2 with a score of 180.

Girls varsity bowling won the Wayne County Tournament for the first time since 2018 on January 16, 2022, at Super Bowl Lanes in Canton.
“There were probably 14 to 16 teams there, where a lot of tournaments we go to there’s only 12 and it’s a big one,” coach Marty Janeski said. “I was proud of them for winning that one. They did really well.”
Some of the teams that competed were Huron, Salem, downriver league teams, and private school teams. Junior bowler Angelita Rodriguez mentioned that the toughest competitors were Belleville and John Glenn because she could tell their teams had experience and worked hard. The number of teams that participated made it a challenge for the girls.
“There were just really good teams that were there. I’m not gonna say I’m surprised we won. Because it was a harder tournament,” senior bowler Laticia Martinez said. “We didn’t think we’d get very far in it. But we really kept up with the other teams.”
Janeski mentioned that three seniors left the team last year. He hopes the girls are ready to step up and so far, they have, but that does not make this tournament any easier. Maelinn Ellis earned the highest score of the tournament bowling a 188; Summer Cowgar had the second-highest score of 186; and Rodriguez was third with 185. She also had the highest series score of the tournament earning a 530 over three games.
Although this was a difficult event, there were more challenges they had to worry about besides their competitors. Many factors come into play in bowling to determine how that game is played. One factor is the oil pattern. An oil pattern is the amount of oil in a lane that determines how much the ball hooks. The more oil on a lane, the less the ball will hook, allowing more drive when the bowler hits the pins.
“We used a house shot pattern and the usual pattern we use during actual meets is called the Phantom pattern,” Martinez said.
The difference between these two patterns is the amount of oil that is laid out. Phantoms patterns have more oil closer to the edges while house patterns have a flat sheet of oil.
Another factor is the layout of a tournament. Each tournament is different. Martinez mentions that this tournament started with pool play and then bracket play. Pool play is when all the teams play all together, while bracket play is one team against another team.
“We first did three individual games so that’s three games just by yourself where you get your own specific score,” Martinez said. “And then after those, we did two baker games, and that’s where the whole team gets to bowl one game.”
Although the team was successful with this tournament, there is always room for improvement. Rodriguez mentions that the team needs to work on their energy.
“A lot of people, especially me, we’re all getting really tired because it’s a lot,” Rodriguez said.
Tournaments usually last between five to six hours. At this specific tournament, the girls were at Super Bowl Lanes from 9 am to 3 pm. One of the many distinctions between tournaments and meets is the time durations. Meets are usually shorter and last up to three hours.
Currently, the team is now preparing for the future. Janeski wants them to qualify for states in order to win regionals.
“We’re getting better every day. We have our bad days. But that’s sports,” Janeski said.