Boys varsity basketball defeats top teams in the league


Janet Haddad

Jonah Sadler, a sophomore guard, defends the Trenton player. The team lost this close battle with Trenton after beating some of the league’s top teams.

Railsplitter Smashing
Wyandotte Varsity boys basketball team defeated one of the top teams in the Downriver League, Lincoln Park High School 45-34 in their January 21 game.
“Our team’s strong suits would be things like the great bonds we have as teammates on and off the court and how we always have one another’s back no matter what the situation is,” sophomore shooting guard Tyler Kurish said.
The team is mostly underclassmen as they only have a few seniors. According to Wyatt, sophomore shooting guard Jonah Sadler had the most plays during the Lincoln Park game.
“We came into that game with more energy than we’ve ever had for any game, knowing that we can ruin their undefeated season,” Sadler said.
The Bears challenge the Railsplitters again on February 22.

Warrior Wipe
The boys continued their winning streak the following week when they won on a buzzer-beater to one of the other strong teams in the league.
“We beat better schools such as LP and Woodhaven because of our patience and focus on our game plan [for] those weeks,” senior point guard DaLonte Wyatt said. “It was a goal of ours to come in the second half of the season and upset teams because of our slow start.”
The score of the Woodhaven game was 55-53 with Sadler scoring the final shot with a fadeaway three-pointer in a corner.
“My own strong suits are my quickness, scoring, and defense,” Sadler said. “I can push the ball up the court and play faster than everyone else, and I think that makes our whole team dangerous, especially in transition.”
This game was the final game for the Bears to face the Warriors but they plan to continue their success through the remainder of the Downriver league games.
“We all believe we’re the best team in the league but we just need to want to get better, we need to work on the little things,” Sadler said. ”The things that take hustle [like] rebounding, defense, and effort are things that will take us to where we want to be.”