Free At-Home Covid-19 Tests for the entire Country


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A typical at-home Covid test takes about fifteen minutes for final results. The “C” on the test stands for control and the “T” stands for test, if both lines are shown on a test, it means the tester is Covid positive.

To ensure that Americans have Covid tests on hand, the Biden administration purchased one billion Covid tests that will be sent directly to all American households.
“My household ordered ours about a week ago but they haven’t come in yet,” senior Kailyn Franz said. “Luckily we haven’t had a need for them yet but once they come in if we ever do need them it’ll be nice not to have to leave the house and go to urgent care.”
Households could start ordering these on January 17 and once ordered, the tests should typically come in within seven to ten days. The tests can be ordered on
The administration is also doing a call-line to help the people who cannot get to the website get their free tests ordered. They are also working with the community-based organizations to help get the tests to the hardest-hit and the highest-risk communities who are requesting tests.
“My wife had ordered ours right away,” Wyandotte City Council member Chris Calvin said. “We got our tests pretty fast, I think it’s a great thing that they are doing.”
According to the statement from the White House, there are other options for free Covid-19 testing. There are now over 20,000 free testing locations throughout the nation and that is also four times as many locations as there were in January of 2021.
“The amount of free covid testing locations has gotten more accessible,” Calvin said. “I feel that the more locations and the more at-home tests that are easily accessible to the people, more people with symptoms will get a test instead of assuming they are fine.”
In addition to the free covid tests available from, in the month of January, there were 375 million at-home rapid tests available on the market. This number has gone up from there only being 24 million at-home tests available to buy on the market.
On January 15, they had also started doing free at-home covid tests if you are under a private insurance plan. So people with private health care insurance companies will be able to get up to eight of these tests free each month, this is for each person on the insurance. If there are four people in a household over the same insurance then that household is eligible to get 32 of these tests covered every month.
Some people feel that this isn’t the right thing to do because it’s possible for insurance to go up, but others feel that this will keep the people safe.
“There are some people that don’t agree with the white house,” Calvin said. “I feel that those people are just against the decisions made by President Biden, so they won’t follow the White House’s direction.”
The Biden administration has also taken on new actions to get more available Covid-19 tests in schools. They have increased the amount of covid test availability by ten million each month to help schools stay open and to do screening testing and programs like test-to-stay.
“I feel that this is a good thing for schools,” Franz said. “I haven’t seen any students get a test from the school yet but I know we are doing the test-to-stay program. Hopefully, this program keeps us open for the rest of the school year.”
The Biden administration has been able to increase the supply of all Covid-19 tests by having a three billion dollar advance purchase this past fall, this allowed domestic testing manufacturers to increase production, increase staffing, and add factory lines.
“I believe that this is a good and bad thing,” Franz said. “Hopefully everything works out and they can keep their promises with the tests.”