Soundtracks topping charts

Encanto and Euphoria popular and mainstream soundtracks


Kamerin Maddix

The cover images for the television show Euphoria and Disney’s movie Encanto. The soundtracks of both films are currently topping the charts.

Soundtracks to the show Euphoria and the movie Encanto have been rising in mainstream popularity since they came out and have featured some well-known names as well as some new faces.

The soundtrack of HBO’s Euphoria in season one featured a newer artist that really showed attention to the show and his own music. The artist goes by Labrinth and many of his songs have been featured in the production of the show.
One of the biggest hits made by Labrinth is titled “Still Don’t Know My Name.” The song currently holds a little over 370 million streams on Spotify. Another one of his songs, titled “Formula” holds 204 million streams on Spotify.
With these songs being so popular they have brought more attention to the show on HBO Max and have also made their way to the popular app TikTok. There have been over two million TikTok videos made with these songs from the show.
“I really think the song choice has made a difference to not only Euphoria but just shows in general if you have good music people will watch and enjoy,” senior Dominic Barrett said.
But Labrinth was not the only artist featured in the soundtrack. Some bigger names in the music industry such as Mary J. Blige, Selena, Lana Del Rey, 2Pac, and many more names from all different kinds of genres can be found within the show as well. It is music that could spark anyone’s interest.
According to, the show has even won an outstanding original music and lyrics award for the first season that came out in 2020.
Euphoria is currently airing for season two on HBO Max and the song choices are still turning heads.

Encanto’s soundtrack is predominantly Spanish music which makes it a stark contrast to Euphoria. The movie is a very light-hearted animated fantasy that has its theme of togetherness and family that has touched the heart of a Disney-loving audience according to an article in CBC News.
A big surprise of mine is how a Disney movie such as Encanto has made it out of the traditional youth Disney realm and managed to hit the music charts.
The movie’s most popular song titled “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” (which is about the main character’s uncle) reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. That has been the best performance from a Disney animated movie film in more than 26 years, outpacing even the song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen.
Also, according to the CBC News article, the six songs from the soundtrack for Encanto have been on Billboard’s top 100 list, while the album itself is the first movie soundtrack to hit number one since 2019.
“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has also had its fair share of attention on TikTok as the social media platform has become a tastemaker in the music industry. The song has had over 720 thousand videos made.
TikTok has also changed the way music has found an audience which has been perfect for Euphoria and Encanto. But the picks for the soundtracks have determined the outcome for the movie and show as a whole.