RHS varsity girls basketball improvement illustrated by the numbers


Wy-Hi Yearbook

Senior Kylie Sparks prepares the pass the ball to a teammate while competing against Taylor High School at a home game.

Coaches Marisa Sauve, Liv Hauser, and the girls varsity basketball team have been focused on their production this season, and have been working hard to make improvements.
“We actually watch films the day after our games,” senior center Jordyn Guyzik said. “We focus on the stats to show that not only are we improving our scoring, but also to see if we are getting our turnover rate down.”
There are four percentages that they focus on, these include: effective field goal percentage, turnover percentage, defensive rebound percentage, and free throw factor.
“The main percentage that we tend to focus on are the defensive rebounds, and the turnovers,” junior point guard Paige Olson said.
Effective field goal percentage measures how effective the girls are at scoring; for the team’s first half of the season the percentage was 24 percent, but their most recent percentage for the second half of the season was 36 percent.
“I love playing with the team, the competition overall, and the feeling of winning a really hard game,” sophomore point guard and guard Ania Toboy said.
Turnover percentage is when the girls lose possession of the ball to the opposing team before a player makes the shot; for the first half of the girls’ season they had a 38 percent, but have dropped it down to 25 percent.
“My favorite part about basketball is playing with the girls on my team,” Guyzik said. “We have been playing together for a long time now, and I feel like we all work really well together.”
Defensive rebound percentage is when the opposing team is shooting and RHS’s girls get the rebound; for the first half of the season the girls had a 44 percent, but for the second half they have raised it to 65 percent.
“I really enjoy the team aspect of basketball, I have been playing since I was in first grade,” Olson said. “My favorite memory is pretty recent actually, it was our win against Trenton, because the last time we played them we got beat by 40 points, so when we won it felt very fulfilling.”
The free throw factor is when the girls make their free throws; at the start of the season the girls had a 36 percent, but in the second half they lifted it to 47 percent.
“Going into games I try to focus on doing the best we can, how hard we have worked for this, and just playing with your heart,” Toboy said.