Wyandotte girls basketball defeats Edsel Ford


Wy-Hi Yearbook

Senior Jordyn Guyzik practices shooting during warm-ups at a home game.

The Wyandotte Bears won the game on Tuesday, February 15 against the Edsel Ford Thunderbirds 41-22.
The game was extremely close up until the fourth quarter when Wyandotte pulled ahead by ending a quarter long point drought.
The game starts out with Wyandotte winning tip-off, a missed shot lead to Edsel Ford getting the rebound and driving down to Wyandotte’s side immediately.
Edsel Ford dominated the first quarter with rebounds, shots, and good passes. Wyandotte pulled ahead later in the first quarter through senior forward Jordyn Guyzik making both free throws, pulling the score to Wyandotte 4 and Edsel Ford 2. The quarter ended with Wyandotte being down 9-6
Wyandotte started the second quarter out strong with a 3 pointer from junior point guard Paige Olson, evening the score at 9-9. Wyandotte’s defense stood strong against Edsel Ford causing them to miss due to intense pressure. Wyandotte won the second quarter, and took a 17-11 lead into halftime..
The third quarter was a tight game with the teams going back and forth. Edsel Ford started the quarter out with Lizzy Kowalsky (Edsel Ford) making a 3 pointer straight off the bat. For the first part of the quarter the Thunderbirds dominated with layup after layup, mounting a comeback and taking a 2 point lead 19-17. Guyzik got fouled and made both free throws, evening the score at 19, with five seconds left on the clock, Guyzik made a layup giving Wyandotte a lead heading into the final quarter.
Wyandotte dominated the fourth quarter. With 5:29 left on the clock, and Edsel Ford down seven points they called a timeout. But out of the break, a 3 pointer from Cortney Olson gave Wyandotte a 10 point lead. Wyandotte continued to not let Edsel Ford get any points. At the end of the quarter Hailey Parish made a buzzer beater 3 pointer to seal the win.
Jordyn Guyzik scored 19 points out of 41 and made game changing plays for the Bears.