Fun Winter Activites


Photo Courtesy: Sam Cost

Junior Sam Cost and her friends skiing before sunset.

The winter brings cold temperatures and shorter days, but saving time for fun activities is important.
“Summer is my favorite season because I prefer being outdoors and not being in school,” junior Caden Sauve said.
Even though the temperature drops during the winter season, there are still many opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy fun activities.
“My favorite winter activity is skiing,” junior Maci Krajewski said. “I have done it for so long and it is really fun.”
Skiing is using skis to glide on snow down a slope. Michigan is a popular state for skiing because of how many hills there are, including Pine Khob, Alpine Valley, and more. Krajewski and her family have season passes at a place up north close to their house.
“We try to go every few weekends, and we usually go on the holiday weekend,” Krajewski said.
Skiing can be an enjoyable outdoor winter activity, but similarly, sledding can also be entertaining and doesn’t require as much gear. Both are great for exercise and getting fresh air during the colder months.
“Sledding is my favorite [winter activity] because it is fun and you can go fast down the side of a hill,” senior Lucas Pratt said.
Sauve agrees that sledding is the best winter activity. Both Pratt and Sauve hit the slopes with their friends at Mt. Trashmore in Riverview once or twice a year.
Building a snowman, building an igloo, ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and ice skating are more outdoor winter ideas. In Wyandotte, the Yack Arena has open skating for people of all ages. In Detroit, Campus Martius opens for outdoor skating from November through March.
Winter also brings inside activities in order to stay warm. Going bowling, to an arcade, and watching movies are just some entertaining things to do while staying away from the cold.
“I love watching Marvel movies,” Pratt said. “During this winter, I watched Infinity War and End Game.”
During the stressful months of school and seasonal depression, it is healthy to rest and wind down in order to stay calm.
According to Krajewski, she plans on having a Harry Potter “movie marathon” with junior Alice Santinello. Santinello was born in Italy and this is her first real winter in The United States.
Along with watching television, the 2022 Winter Olympics, in Beijing, started Friday, February 4, and will end Sunday, February 20. Watching people perform can be an interesting and fun activity.
Cooking and baking are also hobbies to try indoors. It can even lead to someone finding a new favorite dish.
“I have baked chocolate Reese brownies for my family,” Pratt said.
Baking is a creative process while also being a stress reliever. While the temperature is low, hot chocolate, hot tea, soup, and chili, are also cozy warm drinks and foods to make in the winter.
Pratt, Krajewski, and Sauve like to stay active in the cold season, as most people during the winter are less motivated.
“I participate in winter track,” Pratt said. “I run outside as long as the weather is not super bad, and I always wear shorts no matter the weather.”
Winter track is a club that athletes may join in order to build strength, speed, and endurance before the official track season in the spring. Others are welcome to join in to exercise and stay in shape. Distance runners run outside while the sprinters run inside.
Along with winter track, Pratt stays busy in the cold months being a sales associate at Dollar General, on Fort Street and Groove.
Sauve, a swimmer, states that summer is “the prime time for swimming”, but thinks of his sport as a fun and challenging winter activity.
Krajewski is on the basketball team during the winter but attends winter track practices when she has time. Along with basketball, she is also a hostess at RP. Mcmurphy’s, on Biddle. Krajewski’s sport and job keep her busy during the winter.
Overall, some students think that summer activities may be more fun, but there are still a lot of things to do during the winter season.
“Most winter activities are inside or you are just really cold when you do it. In the summer you can do more outside and it is not as miserable because it is warm out,” Krajewski said.