RHS alumni return to take on coaching role


Nilah Haugabook

Track and Field coach Estevan Vasquez is talking to the distance track and field runners after a long practice, resulting in a 4 mile run from each of them.

Coaches who were once RHS students are now coming back to make students of RHS be the best athletes they can possibly be.
“I have a strong passion for running and helping students achieve their goals, I’m not here to just coach running,” Track and Field coach Estevan Vasquez said. “I’m here to help build up the next generation of leaders that are strong confident, and ambitious.”
Brett Greene, Wilson Middle School Assistant Principal, is also an RHS alumnus and has come back to coach students of the middle school cross country team and high school wrestling and rowing teams.
“I came back to coach right after I graduated high school in 1996,” Greene said. “I had siblings in the program and was helping them as well as helping the team’s out.”
For Vasquez, Wyandotte holds a special place in his heart with how much of an impact this school has on him.
“What I like about Wyandotte Public Schools is how everyone gets involved with school activities and community events,” Vasquez said.
Rowing Coach Nora Fillie, RHS class of 2016 and has come back to coach a sport she loves, and hopes to teach here at RHS.
“I know rowing very well, and I love it,” Fillie said. “There’s a reason that I stayed with it [Rowing] and I also just think rowing is the best.”
Greene loved playing sports in high school and has come back to RHS to coach the same sports he played in high school.
“I loved playing the sports while in school,” Greene said. “These sports taught me so much as far as teamwork, commarderee, dedication, discipline, and hard work.”
Vasquez decided to come back to Wyandotte and coach the same sports he experienced which were Cross Country and Track & Field.
“I decided to coach back at Wyandotte because I knew that there was a new group of coaches coming in to coach back in 2018,” Vasquez said. “At that time, I felt that it was right for me to come back and help the program grow.”
For Greene, he has many reasons for staying in Wyandotte, one of which are his kids, sophomore Myah Greene, junior Riley Greene, and 6th grader Zachary Greene who now all attend WPS.
“I grew up in the Wyandotte schools,” Greene said. “Staying here I feel part of the community and I was able to give back to a community that gave me and my family so much.”
For Vasquez, staying here at RHS gives him the opportunity to help students and lead them to success.
“By staying here in Wyandotte I’m able to guide students on the path to their success, and I love doing it,” Vasquez said.
Since Greene is now the assistant principal of Wilson middle school he is more involved in WPS and hopes to continue to be involved in the future.
“I like Wyandotte Schools because it is a part of my history and I feel the sense of community that it has built within our schools,” Greene said.
Vasquez accomplished a lot in high school sports and is here to pass on the same skills he was taught as a young athlete.
“Back in high school, I ran varsity for Cross Country and Track & Field for all four years,” Vasquez said. “Some of the most remarkable memories that I have are winning leagues, going to team states, and qualifying for individual states in the 4×8 for track.”