Track gets new, returning coaches


Ali Norris

New track and field coach, Clinton Kerranen, demonstrates how to do drills over the hurdles.

The varsity track team welcomes new coach Clinton Keranen and returning coach David Lustig for the 2022 season.
“Having new coaches definitely brings a lot of new changes with it,” senior hurdler Alyssa DeLong said. “But we’re all willing, and excited, to grow and learn. I think it will be good for the team to change things up.”
Both coaches bring years of experience to the team, with Keranen bringing ten years and Lustig bringing twenty-five. Lustig has coached multiple different locations for various amounts of time including Wilson Middle School, Southgate, Grosse Ile, and Roosevelt.
“I have been involved with coaching since I was eighteen years old… and that was twenty-five years ago now,” Lustig said.
Keranen is also excited to not only bring his years of experience but also the fact that he can coach any event.
“I am excited to be brought in being able to coach all events, so I can help out wherever I am needed at the moment,” Keranen said.
Lustig is also excited to bring something beyond experience, hoping he will bring a different approach that will help the team.
“My approach will probably be different than the previous coaches so it’s important that we learn to embrace change,” Lustig said. “As much as we want to ‘win’, we also need to find value in what we are doing and how we are doing it.”
Both coaches have goals going into this season with a team that is new to both of them.
“Personally, I always want to have a larger team than the year before,” Lustig said. “We need to have fun, smile, and enjoy our time together but also know that there is an expectation of effort, focus, and execution.”
Lustig also has goals for the team overall and how they would like to perform in the league.
“As a team, we need to focus annually on being a force in the league and area so that we can compete with the best within those realms,” Lustig said. “Qualifying for the team state meet, along with qualifying individuals to the MHSAA State Finals is also a big thing.”
Keranen also has many goals for the season, focusing on making every athlete the best they can be.
“My goal is to make every athlete better, wherever they are at, I want to help them reach the goals that they have set for themselves,” Keranen said. “I want them to reach those milestones that they want to meet and take that giant step forward and get better.”
Lustig also loves to see student-athletes rewarded for their hard work, it being part of the reason he became a coach.
“There is nothing better than seeing a student-athlete work their tail off and get rewarded with a personal best performance or watch them gain confidence doing things that they had doubted themselves for prior,” Lustig said. “I don’t look at myself as a coach for just March-June when we are in-season. I want our kids to know that I always support them year-round with whatever they are doing.”
Keranen was originally inspired to coach because of his nature.
“I have always had a competitive nature,” Keranen said. “I also love to give back, and this is a great opportunity to do so. I am a teacher at Wyandotte and I love these kids, they needed a new coach so here I am.”
Lustig also has a close tie to the Wyandotte community that brings the desire to coach.
“I was very fortunate to compete at RHS in cross country and track and field where I had great experiences with my teammates and coaches,” Lustig said. “I am a 1996 RHS grad and an official Bear for life. There is nothing better than being able to coach at your alma mater.”
While both Lustig and Keranen are fairly new to their team, the team has already come to enjoy what they bring as coaches.
“They both work together to help you improve your running and understand what we’re doing,” DeLong said. “Personally, I have asked for help from both of them for hurdles, and they have helped me improve so much already.”