Girl’s Basketball season ends in second round of district play


Wy-Hi Yearbook

Senior Jordyn Guyzik practices shooting during warm-ups at a home game.

The girl’s varsity basketball team made it to the district semi-finals, ending their season with an unexpected loss to Taylor with an end score of 44-28.
“The first district game went really well for me personally and the team,” freshman guard Hannah Parish said. “The practice the day after the win was the best. We had so much fun and there was so much good energy in the gym.”
On Monday, February 28 the girls hosted the first district basketball game, beating Southgate with a score of 54-42.
“I was really proud of how well our team played at the game,” senior forward Jordyn Guyzic said. “I was also proud of my performance individually.”
The team was led by upperclassmen like Guyzik, but some key components of the team were experiencing their first time in these big games.
“It was really exciting but nerve-racking going into districts,” Parish said. “A lot of the girls on our team but especially other teams are 17 or 18 years old, so it gets extremely intimidating when I’m playing against them.”
But the team did not let that get to them and earned the win. Their next district game on Wednesday, March 2, was against Taylor, who they had split with in the regular season. They lost against Taylor, ending their season.
“I think our team went in over our heads a little bit because we had previously beat Taylor,” senior small forward Kylie Sparks said. “We went in thinking we would be winning, we didn’t find it too bad of a competition.”
The girls believe that Taylor came in with a lot of practice and revenge on their minds.
“I believe that we thought we could just beat them because we did before,” Sparks said. “They came in wanting revenge. I feel like I could’ve played better if I knew it was gonna be my last game of the season.”
Even though it was the seniors’ last game of their high school career, this has been a good practice season for the underclassmen moving forward in their highschool basketball career.
“I’m really upset that I won’t be able to play with the seniors ever again but I’m excited to keep practicing and getting better over the years,” Parish said.
Some of the seniors are upset about this because they did not think that would be the last game, and it was unexpected and sad to a lot of the girls.
“It feels bittersweet that this was my last high school season, “Sparks said. “Some of my best memories in high school were playing basketball with some of my best friends, so I am sad it’s at an end.”