Students pledge to include all at RHS


Ali Norris

RHS students in Peer to Peer class get to develop relationships with JoBrighton and TLC students who come to school at RHS.

As a part of inclusion week students signed an inclusion week banner during all lunches on March 23 pledging to include all people throughout their daily lives.
“We had people sign the inclusion banner so that everyone can participate in inclusion week in a small way,” senior peer to peer member Macy Murdock said. “We wanted to give everyone a way to support people with disabilities and people without.”
Murdock helped organize the signing of the banner during B lunch along with fellow senior and peer to peer member Morgan Lyons.
“The signing of the inclusion banner is something we do as a part of inclusion week since we’ve been doing it,” Lyons said. “We want everyone to be part of inclusion week and signing the banner is a great way for students to do something small to support people with disabilities.”
The Banner serves as a reminder for students to work to include all people. It hangs in the building throughout the school year for everyone to see. Murdock and Lyons not only helped organize the signing of the banner during their lunch, but they also both signed the banner themselves.
“I chose to sign the banner myself because I want to help spread inclusion in our school,” Murdock said. “I want to show people how doing something small can show your support towards a great cause that needs to be talked about.”
Students like Lyons and Murdock, and other peer to peer students work daily in the efforts to include all by making their mentees feel special and cared about. This banner is a visual reminder of these efforts.
“Signing the banner is something easy that everyone can do,” Lyons said. “I did it myself because it is a way I can show people that I support them.”
Murdock feels strongly about this cause because of her observations she has experienced being a part of the Peer to Peer class.
“I feel like people with disabilities feel like they are separated from normalcy in a way,” Murdock said. “In reality, they are absolutely included in everything that goes on, especially in our school.”
Lyons feels a connection to this cause from being in Peer to Peer.
“ “I have a lot of friends in the special education classrooms and they are truly just people,” Lyons said.
Many other students who are not a part of the Peer to Peer program also signed the banner.
“I chose to sign the inclusion week banner because I believe everyone should be included no matter what,” senior Ella Harrison said. “I want everyone to be involved in everything in our school because everyone is special and important.”