Inclusion week Q&A with Peer to Peer teacher and district inclusion specialist Kimberly Sclafan


Ali Norris

Kim Sclafani is the Inclusion Specialist for Wyandotte Public Schools and works with the Peer to Peer class at RHS.

Q: What is Inclusion week?
A: Inclusion week is a week that we set aside to bring students together no matter what their differences might be; abilities, personalities, anything that sets them apart. This week brings everyone together to know they belong.

Q: What is your role in inclusion week?
A: I run the peer to peer class and I’m also considered an inclusion specialist in the district, so my job is to find ways to get our students with disabilities included in more things throughout all buildings in the district.

Q: What is RHS doing for inclusion week?
A: Each day of inclusion week had a different activity to go along with it. Monday was make a pledge so students were encouraged to go on and pledge to spread inclusion in their community. Tuesday was t-shirt day; students were encouraged to wear their peer to peer shirts or any clothing that promotes kindness or love. Wednesday we did our poster signing in the lunchroom, which was like a second way for students to take that promise to be more inclusive. Thursday is thankful Thursday. We are encouraging people to share a way they are different and how they are thankful they have that difference. Friday is Feel Good Friday, so we want people to do something to make somebody feel good.

Q: Why is inclusion week important?
A: I think inclusion week should be important to everyone because I think we all need to know that we belong, and not just feel like they belong. It is a common phrase that people use but we need to go beyond that and make sure people know they belong.

Q: What do you hope students learn from inclusion week?
A: I hope students learn that there is a place for everyone, and that everyone belongs here. We all have the ability to make friends and learn alongside one another.