RHS celebrates decision day

Seniors paths after high school shared and celebrated


Ali Norris

Conz looks for senior Nora Keast’s name on the list of seniors who will record their videos.

Decision day will be celebrated at RHS on May 2, as a way to highlight what seniors plan to do after graduation.
“Decision day gives the seniors a chance to show each other where they are heading,” Haddad said. “I think it is a fun thing for them to know about each other.”
National decision day is the day colleges set as a deadline for seniors to accept their offer to attend a college. While the national day will be Sunday, May 1, RHS will be celebrating their seniors’ decisions on Monday, May 2.
“We decided to have decision day the day after May first so that we will be able to acknowledge it here at school,” Haddad said. “I think it is important for the underclassmen to see the seniors that are choosing to continue their education, and on a weekday the underclassmen will be able to see that.”
Decision day is not only beneficial for underclassmen to see that continuing their education is an option but can also be beneficial for a variety of reasons.
“It is important for the underclassmen to see that we have seniors going to a variety of different schools and that is achievable for them,” Haddad said. “ I think seeing that our seniors are proud of what they have accomplished is important for the younger people to see.”
One of the ways RHS will be celebrating decision day is by filming videos of seniors sharing their plans for after graduation. The videos were filmed by senior WyTV Executive Producer Jake Conz during lunches on April 19 and 20.
“I worked with Mr.Reynolds and Mrs.Haddad on deciding a date,” Conz said. “We decided that May second will be the best for everyone so the video will be shown that day.”
Conz believes that celebrating decision day was a natural decision and a good way for seniors to show what their future plans are.
“I think it is important for us to do this because it shows what everyone is planning to do when they leave Roosevelt,” Conz said. “It doesn’t matter if you go to college or not, it shows everyone what you plan on doing with your life.”
Many other seniors are also interested in the decision day activities.
“The activities we are doing for decision day seem like a lot of fun,” senior Jacalyn Kovesdi said. “It will be really cool to see where everyone is going and hear them talk about it themselves in the video.”
The other activity that will take place at RHS to celebrate decision day will be on May 2 where students will be encouraged to wear apparel that represents their plans after graduation.
“We are hoping that seniors will wear a shirt or some sort of apparel of the school so that we can get pictures of groups that will be going to the same schools,” Haddad said. “That way seniors know who will be attending the same school as them.”
Decision day is not only beneficial for students to see who will be continuing their education and where, it also highlights a major accomplishment in students lives.
“Decision day is important because all the seniors get to show off their reward for all the hard work they have put in the last four years of high school,” Kovesdi said. “I personally have put in a lot of effort, so it will be nice to be able to show that off a bit.”