Going Above and Beyond

Superintendent’s Dinner honors academic excellence and impact in students lives

Superintendent’s Dinner is an event held to honor academic excellence of seniors at RHS; it also allows students to honor a Wyandotte Public Schools staff member who has made an impact in their life.
“Superintendent’s dinner allows students the opportunity to give thanks to those who have helped them achieve their goals,” French teacher Natalie Zasadny said.
The event was held on May 9 and honored the top 70 ranked students in the class of 2022.
“I think Superintendent’s dinner is awesome because it is a way of showing off all the kids that worked hard to maintain good grades,” senior Ella Harrison said. Harrison attended the event with English teacher Lela Blake.
“I took Mrs. Blake because she is an amazing teacher that is always there to help,” Harrison said.
While the event is held to honor students for their academic achievements, many agree that their favorite part of the event is hearing students honor the staff member who has made an impact in their life.
“My favorite part of the event was listening to all the reasons why each student brought a certain teacher,” Class of 2022 Valedictorian Noelle Robertson said.
During the event, each student makes a short speech about why they choose to bring the staff member that attended the event with them. “I was nervous the whole time during my speech, but my favorite part of the event was hearing everyone talk about the person they brought to the dinner and why,” Harrison said.
While Harrison was nervous giving her speech, Robertson was not.
“I felt very confident giving my speech,” Robertson said. “It was like practice for my commencement speech.”
The speeches were not only enjoyed by students, they were also enjoyed by the staff members who attended the event.
“My favorite part is hearing what the kids have to say about their guest,” Zasadny said. “Teaching is not always easy, so knowing that our hard work matters is confirmation that it’s all worth it.” Zasadny has attended the event four times, this year she was the guest of Robertson.
“I brought Mrs. Zasadny because I have had her for four years and she means a lot to me,” Robertson said.
Robertson got her first choice pick for the dinner and was excited to attend because of how the event honors not only students but also teachers.
“I think the dinner is beneficial because it rewards the students who went above and beyond and honors teachers who deserve to be honored,” Robertson said.
Teachers also find the event beneficial for many reasons.
“At the Superintendent’s Dinner, teachers are reminded of why we became teachers in the first place,” Zasadny said. “We love learning and kids.”