Girls varsity soccer playing better than ever



One out of the five freshman on the soccer team Caitlyn bowser getting the ball and trying to make a goal for her team

The girls varsity soccer season has had a mostly positive season while working on trying to finish off stronger than ever.
“We started out very tough and went against really good competition, specifically Trenton and Woodhaven,” Varsity girls soccer coach Jean Stephens said.
The girls soccer team aimed to be undefeated, but still succeeded to earn a winning record and show they can play well together.
“As a team, we are doing really well, and we work together a lot and we’ve really come together this season,” Soccer player Ariana Hernandez said.
The season has brought a few injuries but that has not stopped the team aiming to succeed and keep playing their hardest.
“We have had injuries but it still hasn’t stopped us from playing our very best no matter who is hurt on the team or who can’t play for whatever reason,position?? Bianca Hawthorne said.
The team has said they feel they are doing better than ever and with everyone working together they could finish off this year strong.
“I love our team and with the right motivation we could actually win the rest of our games this season,” Hawthorne said.
The Soccer team this year has a lot more young players than they have usually had in past years which is allowing the younger kids to learn more.
“We have five freshmen, three sophomores that are starters, one senior and two juniors so we are a very, very young team,” Stephens said.
The team looks very strong going forward into the rest of the soccer season with just six matches left.
“We have five games and districts left,” Stephens said. “I think the way our girls are playing right now we can win those five games and probably the first district game.”
Since the season is coming to an end the girls have decided to have more team bondings to get closer before they say their last goodbyes.
“We have a lot of team bondings,” Hernandez said. “Every Tuesday we have a team dinner, and it really helps us be better as a team and get to know each other.”
Even though the girls have already beaten a lot of teams, they still have goals to come back next season and beat some teams they were so close to beating.
“Carlson and Edsel Ford are pretty decent this year and I feel like, as a coach, my team is right there just below them,” Stephens said.