Row hard or Row home

Early mornings, weather adventures define return of normal season



Bow four in a novice 8+, Junior Josie Burks and junior Zosia Cornell along with freshman Lily L’Heureux and freshman Eli, are rowing up to the start line at the Grand Rapids Scrimmage.

This year’s rowing season so far has been full of adventures and lots of early mornings, everything has been going well with the season this year and the team has been able to do things they were not able to do last year post covid.
“The season is going well so far,” Girls Rowing coach Nora Fille said. “I had high expectations for the team this year since we were finally able to attend spring training again and so far the season has surpassed my expectations.”
The rowers this season have been able to build connections with the coaches and each other to finish off the great season they have been experiencing.
“One of my favorite things about being on the team is the bonds you develop with each other and the friendships you make,” sophomore Emma Harris said.
Building bonds is important and so is cheering on people and motivating them to be better which was something the coaches did to encourage their athletes.
“We try to keep the athletes motivated by constantly encouraging and pushing them to do their best at every practice,“ Fillie said. “They also do an excellent job at self motivation by watching other teams win big races and decide that they want that too.”
New freshmen are coming in and making new friendships with upperclassmen and getting prepared for the next couple of years for rowing.
“My favorite thing about rowing is my friends that row because they kept me really motivated this season,” freshman Tamara Hinojosa said.
With the season coming to an end there have been a lot of good moments that the athletes have experienced like, the novices getting meadled at the Novice 4+, the coaches also have some great moments they have seen the team accomplish. Like when the novices medaled at Novice 4+
“My favorite moments of the season was watching each boat finally click together and start to work and improve as a team,” Fillie said. “Also watching the novices medal for the first time, and watching the pure joy on their faces as they told us about their race.”
Since this is the rowers first real season in 2 years, they were able to experience something they haven’t in a long time and the new rowers were also able to see something new.
“My favorite moment of the season was when we got to take the team to Tennessee,” assistant coach Carly Allen said. “We have not been down there since 2019, so it was nice to get quality water time.”
The seniors leaving this year have had a huge impact on the team and are finishing the season strong.
“I’m going to miss working with our seniors this season, they were an absolute joy to get to know and coach for the past three years,” Fillie said. “I’m going to miss them.”