Girls Tennis Dominates This Season



Sophomore Emily Glatz hits the ball back over the net after a serve.

Girls JV and varsity tennis teams both had a very good season; varsity earning first place in the Downriver League.
“My favorite moment this season was taking first place at leagues,” varsity sophomore Emily Glatz said. “We have been working really hard, and it felt amazing when we won.”
Varsity is coached by Joey Logeselle, and former coach Patrick Haley would go to practices sometimes to help the girls throughout the season.
“The coaches do a really good job helping us stay focused on not only our goals, but also the team’s goals,” varsity sophomore Alexa Kurdi said.
The JV team is coached by John Grabetz who coached the athletes through a good season with a record of 2-3-5. “This was my first year playing, and my goal was to hit the ball,” JV junior Kate Keathley said. “I had so much fun this season and I can’t wait to play again next year, and I hope that I get on Varsity.”
Both teams focused on improving the athletes’ skills, keeping the girls motivated, and most importantly having fun.
“I stayed motivated by knowing that I can always get better with my practice,” JV junior Yasmin Gonzalez said. “This was my first actual season so I didn’t expect to be amazing, but I love the sport and the girls on the team.”
There were many close matches this season, but the varsity team is very ecstatic to have taken first in leagues, ending their season on a high.
“I was on JV last year, and to be able to have gotten on varsity and to have such an incredible moment with the girls on the team was the highlight of not only the season, but the year for me,” Kurdi said. “I’m going to continue to play for the next two years and I hope to win leagues again.”
The team is close and all work together to stay motivated while building each other up and focus on improving their flaws to make their team the best it possibly can be.
“My favorite moment this season was at regionals when we cheered with Carlson during the last match of the match,” Glatz said. “I can’t wait to play the next two years and keep improving my friendships, and abilities.”