Delayed Spirit Week Success


Ali Norris

The 2020 Homecoming court met after the game to get photos since there is no dance this year to take pictures during. Homecoming Queen Cordelia Krajewski and King Jalin Pitchford are in the center of the group.

Though Spirit Week was delayed as a result of hybrid instruction at Roosevelt starting a week later than planned, students made the most of every part of the week.
“To make the most of the Covid situation, my classmates and I tried our best to make things as normal as possible without being unsafe,” senior class president and Yearbook Editor-In-Chief Cordelia Krajewski said.
Safety has been a major concern when it comes to football games at Roosevelt this season. When the decision was made to allow more spectators at games, the Marching Chiefs were also allowed to join the festivities, making Homecoming seem a little bit more normal.
“It felt amazing. I had forgotten how much I loved Friday night football games. The energy is just so awesome, and I’m so glad that I was able to have that experience this year,” senior Head Drum Major Julia Tully said.
While the news of a performance opportunity was exciting for the Marching Chiefs, in true 2020 fashion, it came with its own set of worries.
“We had to spend a lot of time on our show. We hadn’t planned on having performances, so we were focusing a lot on basics,” Tully said. “Once we found out we had performances though, we had to quickly pull a really good show together.”
Although pulling things together last minute has been done a lot already this school year, making things as normal as possible has remained one of the biggest challenges faced during Spirit Week; case in point to when Homecoming, Block Out Cancer, and the Downriver League Championship were all rescheduled to Friday, October 23.
“I think knowing it was the Block Out Cancer game and the Homecoming game, we really wanted to leave the field with a win,” junior tight end Ethan Breaux said.
Not only was there pressure on the team because of the festivities and high-stakes, but they had also been out of the game for two weeks due to positive COVID-19 cases on the team.
“We had two weeks off so we all got to rest and got ready to go against Carlson,” Breaux said.
Despite the many challenges, including a tough fight put up by the Carlson Marauders, the Bears won the game in overtime.
“When Jalin scored the two points for the win, my mind was racing,” Breaux said.
Senior quarterback Jalin Pitchford not only won the game for his team but also the title of Homecoming Royalty, along with Krajewski.
“When my name was announced for Queen, I didn’t have any thoughts, I was literally in shock. My entire brain went blank and I had no idea how to react. I felt so overwhelmed and thankful that my class was willing to give me that title,” Krajewski said.
The team and court were not the only ones with victories at the game; the senior class was announced the winner of the Spirit Jug, one of their only first-place Homecoming competition wins.
“It was nice to finally get first place for something as that’s a skill we’ve lacked for the past few years,” Krajewski said.
Though winning Spirit Jug was a big victory for the senior class, it was still their only win. Nevertheless, no matter the place in a competition, the RHS League Title/Block Out Cancer/Homecoming game was a success.