Wy-Hi Yearbook

Wy-Hi Yearbook has been documenting the history of Roosevelt High School since the school began. The yearbook is a student-run publication that has earned national awards from yearbook printers. The members of the yearbook staff work together to create a book each year that represents the graduating class for that school year.

Yearbook Staff 2022-23

  • Ava Ball
  • Brooks Blackledge
  • Abigail Caudill
  • Amellia Dudzic
  • Mercedes Dziendziel
  • Brooklynn Forester
  • Myah Greene
  • Deyana Haugabook
  • Nilah Haugabook
  • Tamara Hinojosa
  • Taylor Johnson
  • Quinn Mittlestat
  • Andrea Negrete
  • Rachel Oliva
  • Madison Samotis
  • Azzaria Ward