Why You Should NOT Vote

Julia Tully, News/Design Editor

Every four years, we go through what we’re going through right now. Months full of political mumbo jumbo going around on all social media platforms and on all of the news channels. And it all leads up to a singular name that you check on a piece of paper.
Voting is just an illusion of choice. The government makes you believe that your vote, your specific piece of paper, matters. Do you remember when we all thought Hillary Clinton won the election because in every single poll ever shown, she was in the lead? But then Donald Trump STILL somehow became president? The will of the voters has continued to be ignored, and candidates are winning when only having the support of ⅓ of everyone voting.
A huge factor that comes into play when choosing the next president, is age groups. We all know that most “Boomers” are head-over-heels for any Republican, with their lawns plastered with filthy signs. Yet, most young Millennials and Gen Zs who are eligible to vote, are more likely to go for the candidate who is more to the left, as they feel they are more relatable and believe the candidate when they give all of their empty promises just to get more support.
There are far more older voters than there are younger voters. So, if we already know that the polls are going to be spammed with Trump supporters, why try?
With this upcoming election specifically, there is just no good choice. I have been spending months on Facebook and watching the news, trying to find good reasons to vote for either candidate, rather than finding who has the least amount of flaws.
I refuse to vote for a lesser evil. If I ever do vote, I would want to have full faith in the candidate I am choosing, and really believe that they would be a good fit for our country. But when has there ever been a candidate who is a clear choice? Never.
Also on the topic of voting this year, I’m not sure how much I trust mail-in voting. I mean, I already don’t trust the regular in-person voting, so the fact that it now has to go through an entire mailing process? I just feel like something is bound to go wrong.
There’s a saying that “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain” but isn’t it the opposite? If you don’t vote, you most likely don’t agree with either candidate, meaning you can complain about the president, no matter who it is. Either way, you knew that neither one was good.
You shouldn’t be allowed to complain about who the president is if you voted for that person. I mean, your vote mattered, right? So, it’s technically your fault that they’re in that position now.
I, specifically, just have a problem with voting morally. I don’t want to be a part of the reason that someone awful is now in a position to “lead” our country. Being a part of a politically spit family, I hear the argument over which candidate is best over and over again, and I still have yet to hear a good reason to vote for someone, rather than a bad reason to vote for the other.
If you’re eligible to vote this year, I encourage you to not vote because everyone is constantly telling you that it’s an obligation. Don’t vote for someone you don’t agree with, because you feel like you have to. At the end of the day, we all know who will win this election, even if the polls show otherwise and even if you put a vote in for the other candidate.