Hockey Season Preview


Kaylee Barton

The 2019-2020 Bears Hockey team had a roller coaster season and this year’s squad is looking forward to getting on the ice to see how they can improve this season.

November is here, which means hockey season is starting up. Right as the boys started practicing Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced on November 15 that Michigan will be going on a three week lockdown, so what does this mean for the boys?
“ Plans were to go to our annual Big Rapids Tournament on Thanksgiving weekend, but now we were informed that all ice rinks will be closed for three weeks meaning no more tournaments,” junior hockey player Alex Moon said.
Before Whitmer announced this heartbreaking news, hockey had big plans. They had plans to have their first home game on December 2 against Southgate.
Prior to Whitmer’s announcement, the hockey team had to wear a mask at all times. They could no longer share water bottles on the ice, and could not use the locker rooms therefore had to carry their bags everywhere.
“Playing hockey with COVID takes some getting used to because you are required to wear a mask at all times on the ice or else Coach Quint will make you skate extra,” Moon said.
When games start back up they plan on doing the same thing as football, giving each player two tickets.
“I was really looking forward to getting on the ice this year to rock out another season with my boys but I guess it will have to wait,” sophomore hockey player Connor Wilson said.
As soon as the three week quarantine is done, the boys plan to get back to work. To help get back to hockey, manager Nina Steffin is organizing a charity game to help raise money and spread awareness.
According to Steffin, the game is going to be called “Block Out” and was scheduled for December 6.
She is working with Francesca Giammalva and Wyandotte DECA to host this event.
The boys really hope to be getting back to work soon and making this season as best as they can.