What being quarantined is like

Being quarantined due to exposure varies from statewide lockdown


Junior, Alana Jones, spends time with her cat while quarantined.

While most found it difficult to quarantine during the 70-day statewide lockdown, some are realizing it is even harder when it is just a small group of people for only two weeks, especially when they themselves are not sick.
“It sucks being stuck inside all day and not being able to do anything or see anyone, especially when everyone else can,” junior Ethan Breaux, who has been quarantined twice since October, said.
While being quarantined now presents different challenges than just a few months ago, one thing that has not changed is the boredom that comes with being unable to leave your house.
“During quarantine, I watched a lot of Netflix and YouTube. I kinda just laid around since I had nothing better to do,” junior Alana Jones said.
While some students had to quarantine during 100% virtual school, some students had to quarantine during the hybrid schedule, leaving them without seeing their teachers for two weeks.
“Not going to school during hybrid was hard. You don’t have your teachers talking to you like you do with virtual; you don’t see them at all,” junior Sarah Richter said.
Being individually quarantined not only affects in school but also sports.
“I’ve missed four football games total while quarantined. The first two games it was the entire team, but the other two, including the district championship, were only a few people,” tight end Breaux said.
While some students like Breaux had to miss their sports events, others had to take time off off work.
“Along with missing the first two winter guard rehearsals, I also couldn’t go to work,” Jones said.
Though being quarantined when others are not is tough for some, the shorter time period made it seem better than the past for others.
“This was a lot different from the state lockdown because it had a set ending. The first time it felt like it would never end but this time I knew when the end was and that I would be fine,” Jones said.
Although being quarantined while not sick is not ideal, there are some benefits that come with having time off.
“A benefit was being able to slow down for a few days. Usually I’m on a super packed schedule, it was nice to be able to just hang out for a while,” Jones said.