Wyandotte Tees Lauches Online Store


Finn Gomez

Wyandotte Tees is adapting to the pandemic restrictions but opening an online storefront as well as running pop-up shops in downtown Wyandotte.

Wyandotte DECA has had a difficult year navigating a virtual competitive season, and losing the ability to sell products in school due to Covid-19 is not helping.
“We can’t sell inside of school because it leads to an abundance of people,” one of the Wyandotte Tees managers, Jake Conz, said.
It has led to an interesting situation for Wyandotte Tees, Roosevelt’s one stop shop for Bears merchandise and apparel.
“Student’s haven’t been able to work with Cumiskey in person to bounce ideas off of each other and better our brand,” another store manager o Reese Blackledge said.
According to Blackledge, they have taken two steps to help mitigate the events of this year.
“We rely on our pop-up shop to make most of the profit, and now we are finally able to open an online store,” Blackledge said.
The pop-up shop was open throughout September and October, and operated on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, it will be returning for the holiday season next to R.P. McMurphy’s in Wyandotte.
“I’m thankful we were able to do a popup shop because it allowed people to get holiday and spirit gear,” Conz said.
However, shifting virtual has had a vast impact on how Wyandotte Tees is run.
“The advantages of being online allows us to see what we’re all doing, and having everything in one place. It’s been very creative and fun,” Conz said.
The newly created online store is a Square site, which allows store managers Reese Blackledge and Jake Conz to manage virtual inventory, handle orders, and run digital promotions.
“In previous years, they had the opportunity to sell in the school and community. Now the orders are systemized and organized online,” Conz said .
According to their website, “Square helps millions of sellers run their business-from secure credit card processing to point of solutions.” The current Square POS system was enabled last year, and has allowed Wyandotte Tees to track all inventory and purchase orders.

Previously, the store created by Wyandotte Tees was only able to accept order quantities of more than 12, and had to be custom made orders, but now customers can order anything Wyandotte Tees has in stock for pickup.
“It’s been very creative and fun with an online store,” Conz said. As a result of online sales, customer relations has become paramount.
“Now is more important than ever to adapt to a virtual world,” Blackledge said, “and I’m glad we were able to make the shift successfully.”