Stop To Shop

Wyandotte Tees opens pop-up shop


Junior Emily Miklaski unpacking and folding apparel while DECA students help prepare for the opening of the store.

Wyandotte Tees, run by marketing teacher Elissa Cumiskey and DECA students, is opening a temporary holiday pop-up shop downtown.
The new store will be open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM and is located on Biddle Avenue next to R.P. McMurphy’s.
Since the school building is currently shut down, it has been hard for Wyandotte Tees to advertise new products and apparel. To counteract this, marketing students are using their own social media to promote and advertise the opening of the store.
“I think that in order for students to succeed, Wyandotte Tees has to succeed,” junior Reese Blackledge said, “which is why I choose to advertise using my personal social media accounts.”
The shop opened on December 2 and will be closing on December 20.
Due to the pandemic, Wyandotte Tees has to follow certain guidelines: no more than ten customers are allowed in the store at a time, customers must wear a mask, and hand sanitizer will be available for patron use.
“The challenge isn’t the capacity,” Cumiskey said, “it is making people feel comfortable while shopping during the pandemic.”
Wyandotte Tees has tried their best to solve this problem by setting up the tables and clothing rack far enough apart to where the customers can socially distance properly.
Ever since COVID-19 hit Michigan, many of the annual school events have been cancelled, but organizing the store has given students a taste of a normal life again.
“It puts a smile on my face that I get a chance to see familiar faces and talk to people face-to-face,” junior Brooklyn Luscomb said.
Cumiskey has given students the opportunity to help at the holiday pop-up shop during store hours. Many DECA students have helped set up and are continuing to help out by working at the shop after school.
“Working at the store gives me experience for the real world and I think it’s a great way to prepare students,” Blackledge said.
Their fall pop-up shop did very well at the beginning of the year, so Wyandotte Tees is expecting a good turnout during the holiday season.
“There is a lot of Christmas apparel and new items, so hopefully our customers return and get some new things,” Luscomb said.
The shop has many new items like Sili Pints, umbrellas, hats, stocking stuffers, and new clothing items. Payments are accepted in cash, credit, and Apple Pay.
“The holiday pop-up shop has anything and everything holiday themed,” Blackledge said.