Why we should celebrate Christmas at a normal time

Julia Tully, News/Design Editor

    To me, the holidays are a very special time of year. It’s the only months of the year where almost all houses on the block are decorated, and everyone is focused on giving, rather than getting.

    With that being said I believe we should hold all holiday celebrations and decorations until after Thanksgiving, and keep them up until January or February. Things like Christmas music and blow-up Santas are just weird to have around until after holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving pass. Putting up decorations beforehand is basically just pushing away those small, but very real, holidays. 

    I believe that the holidays bring good vibes. Everyone is in high-spirits, and appreciating every bit of life. But, that doesn’t mean the holiday’s should last forever. We just have to make the atmosphere that surrounds holidays last. People should always want to give more than they get. And they should always strive to be in a cheery mood towards anyone and everyone. There is no reason that all of that holiday cheer goes away after the holidays, so just carry on being your holiday self, without Mariah Carey playing in the background.

    Along with “All I Want For Christmas”, I really don’t think I can stand listening to “Feliz Navidad” for an entire year. Half of the people that go around singing that stupid song only know the title of the song, so let’s please NOT keep that going.

    I would also have a problem with buying people presents every month. While it is nice to save up money, and spend a month or two getting gifts for your close family and friends, I would not want to have to worry about that all year long. After the holidays, I’m going back to spending all of my money on things that I need and I want. Spending all of that time making sure I have enough money for others is tiring, so I deserve the long months I get afterwards to reward myself.

    Also, the holidays are super hard on some families. The struggle of saving money also comes with the struggle of overworking yourself to make more money for gifts. There are also people who don’t have or don’t like their family, and constantly celebrating the holiday would be awful for them. There is also the seasonal depression that happens along Christmastime, so are we bringing that along all year too?

    Yes, the holidays are one of the most beautiful times of the year, but rather than dragging the holiday along, try and bring all of the joy, and laughter, and positivity that comes from the holidays, out of them, and into the new year, where you can prepare for the next round of “Feliz Navidad” singers and crazy shoppers.