School board discusses new AP classes, winter surprises


Griffin DeLadurantaye

The Board of Education members discuss the AP Economics proposal. The discussion included issues regarding costs and fitting the course into schedules. The vote for the addition of AP Economics was a unanimous vote in favor of its addition.

A meeting discussing topics about the current state of the school and the next school year was held by the Board of Education on December 8.
Superintendent Dr. Catherine Cost explained the school’s plan to return to face-to-face lessons after the holiday break. Virtual learning will continue through January 15, with plans to return to the hybrid model that was used in October and November on January 19. Another decision on the topic will be made on January 12.
“Hopefully, with the good news of the vaccine, we’ll be able to have more students return on a regular basis,” Dr. Cost said.
Two new advanced placement classes, AP Economics and AP Art History, were proposed and are being formally adopted, which will meet the Board’s goal of offering 10 AP courses by the 2021-2022 school year.
“We are going beyond the traditional AP courses so there’s a diversity present,” Instruction and Assessment Coordinator Jessica Shipman said.
The AP Economics class, proposed by Social Studies teacher Marshall Wymore, would combine two smaller courses: AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics. The class will be open to 11th and 12th grade students.
“I think that this class will be good for our business major students because there hasn’t been an offering for them,” Secretary of the Board of Education Theresa Crnkovich said. “Kids that are looking toward that type of career will really benefit from it.”
Art teacher Susi Stiles presented AP Art History during the meeting as well. The course will focus on many different movements and aspects of art, and will be offered to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students.
“I took AP Art History in high school and I struggle with drawing stick men,” Wymore said, “but I understand art way better than I did before and I’m really excited about Susi having this opportunity.”
Dr. Cost also spoke about plans for the holidays. The last day of school before winter break will be December 18, and students will return to virtual class on January 4. Before the break, Santa will be spreading cheer by joining in on some Zoom classes.
“Santa is now in the Zoom generation, and he will be managing to Zoom into different classrooms,” Dr. Cost said. “That will be a nice pick-me-up for some students who are looking forward to a change of pace.”
The meeting was also the last meeting for board member Stephanie Miello, who is stepping down from the Board of Education and is passing on her position to another community member. She attended 216 board meetings and 168 school events over nine years. Dr. Cost showed an award that will be presented to Miello at a later date.
“Her dedication to this community is outstanding,.” Dr. Cost said. “I am extremely grateful for your time, commitment, and energy you’ve brought this board over the past nine years.”