People’s Purpose Project hosts Images of Resilience event


Courtesy Jake Conz

Jake Conz (left) was the co-host of the Images of Resilience storytelling event which highlighted personal stories from seniors Jasmine Jackson and Soleil Garcia as well as Wilson teacher Mary Cahalan.

Students are continuing to spread awareness through a positive brain health campaign called the People’s Purpose Project..
The People’s Purpose Project is a project was put together by senior Project President Hana Fiore, Vice President Kaylee Barton, senior Secretary Madison Murdock, junior Publicist Jake Conz, senior Treasurer Madison Schafer, senior Events Coordinator Soleil Garcia, freshman Sports Coordinator Megan Cahalan, and sophomore Underclassman Representative Jordyn Buza, along with staff sponsor Social Worker Maria Sutka.
“The goal of the People’s Purpose project is for students that don’t want to reach out for help. They have an outlet where people reach out for them,” Fiore said.
The group is trying to put together activities to help spread positivity in the school community.
“We want to give out hot cocoa or have some type of fun activity where we can all get together and make everyone feel appreciated,” Barton said.
The People’s Purpose Project has also made bracelets and apparel to go along with this project, the apparel comes in crewnecks and t-shirts, the crewnecks are dark grey with white writing and the t-shirts come in fun colors like pastel yellow, pink, blue and more.The bracelets are purple and blue and are free but donations are appreciated.Any donations that are made will go towards the activities the group hosts in order to spread the positivity.
The People’s Purpose Project has also made an effort to include NHS students in their planning and events.
“Our project is structured differently than other clubs at RHS. We decided to do this so that people involved in the NHS can use future events for hours and don’t have to worry about using up all their double-dip hours,” the People’s Purpose Project Instagram page said.
DECA has also partnered with the group and they hosted a virtual Brain Health Week.
December 7th- 11th, everyday they want you to post something positive on social media.
The days include: Make a Smile Monday, Thankful Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Toughness Thursday, Feel Good Friday.
Each day was created and designed to help spread positivity and to remind everyone that they are cared about and that they matter.Anyone who posts everyday something positive is entered to win a free item or apparel from Wyandotte Tees.
“We want everyone to know the truth of saying, you matter!” the People’s Purpose Project Facebook page said.
Make sure you follow the @peoplespurposeproject on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can stay updated on any upcoming activities or to find out ways you can help.